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An initial analysis is performed to assess whether the project is viable before recommendations are proposed about the service. The main purpose of any upgrade is to perform a series of tasks until a final result significantly higher than the original baseline is achieved.

Upgrading each equipment may entail different costs, each associaed to the degree of desired performance. The final cost of the upgrade is determined by the sum of the budgeted labor costs, the actual work performed, added to the cost of the utilized parts.

The activities performed in the Upgrades Program are:

Power supply: Component upgrading and filtering optimization, noise reduction from a switched source through the construction of a linear source, using toroidal transformers.

Cabinet: The simple application of the asphalt blanket in strategic locations of the internal walls of the same. Until the full dampening of the plates, the addition of lead ballast and / or reinforcements, shielding of the stages, etc.

Electronics: From the exchange of critical-path of the signal components to the complete stage replacements, error correction, circuit optimization (focus / tracking), noise reduction of the disk rotation motor (in the case of CD / DVD), power dedicated to the oscillator (in equipment with Digital stages) and so on.

Internal Wiring: From the increase of the cross section of the strategic conductors until the replacement by special wires of greater section and specialized geometry.

And also:

  • Customization of the analog outputs;
  • Customization of the analogue filtering frequencies;
  • Replacement of output opamps;
  • Elimination of the coupling capacitors between DAC and output stages; and
  • Output impedance adjustment.


Acoustics: Sunrise Lab recommends suitable, professional products that are capable of ensuring the quality of your sound environment so that your system plays in an environment that is properly prepared to play audio.

The work involves consultations about the choice and combination of absorbent and reflective materials and devices, such as diffusers, traps and reflectors. And their positioning throughout the listening space to produce an optimal stage sound.

Electrical: Sunrise Lab provides expert advice on electrical installations to ensure that your audio system is properly configured with adequate, safe, noise-free electricity and gives you quality reproduction.

It is also possible to manufacture customized power blocks with the exclusive Magic Scope topology (on request).


By hiring the Sunrise Lab services, you can be assured that your equipment will be cared with the utilization of monitoring instrumentation of the highest quality and precision; it will use the best electronic components available in the world market.

The decades-long experience of electronic engineering associated with proprietary knowledge and technologies ensures the first-class treatment of the equipment.


Sunrise Lab has a contingent of experts able to carry out the installation and installation of specialized systems with precision and high levels of quality.


  • Audio Systems;
  • AV Systems; and
  • Turntables, set up and tuning.
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