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Magic Scope ® Technology

The Magic Scope ® developed by Sunrise Lab is the technology that reduces and controls stationary waves traversing through the cables. They prevent the perfect transmission of the signal. The technology is composed of two multi-wire OFC copper conductors distributed concentrically in with independent conductors.


The Sunrise Lab Magic Scope Premium Line is designed to address potential shortcomings of a Hi-Fi audio system, giving the music enthusiasts and audiophiles a practical, low-cost solution to help you find a better tonal balance in your audio system.

The Magic Scope technology, inherited directly from the Reference Line, delivers a dynamic and accurate sound full of surprises for the music lover. Its main feature, is speed and rhythmic precision without neglecting the audio comfort, increasing the pleasure of listening to all the albums of your music library. Even the technically compromised albums are shrouded in a background silence that brings out nuances once hidden by compression. The Magic Scope Premium Line utilizes OFC. Its simplified finish helps keep cost-effective without compromising overall quality.

The technical solutions are comparable to more expensive counterparts, for example the RCA palladium coated connectors allows the positioniong in the market for audio cables, with intermediate-level cable performance and focusing on what really matters: Music.


The Reference Line was the first to use the Magic Scope topology. It was from this line that the topology came to life, achieving astonishing levels of quality and performance in all the cables that were implemented, causing it to naturally migrate to other Sunrise Lab products.

Reference Line cables use OFC copper with 7N purity and Rhodium-coated connectors giving these cables an increased degree of intelligibility, hearing comfort and realism of high level, reaching the respectable score of 94 points for the interconnect version and 95 points for balanced ones. Also the line has been awarded in the State of the Art category and Product of the Year by the magazine Audio and Video Magazine.

According to the magazine: "State-of-the-art speaker cables with these features (of enormous slack), I know two: Crystal Cable's Absolute Dream and Transparent's G5 generation. Of course, this list should have another half-dozen brands. The question is their associated cost: In relation to the Sunrise Lab ones, they cost at least ten times more! And what is more exciting is that this is not be the top model, soon there will be a new line above it. And, according to Ulysses, it will still be much cheaper than any of the competing products!"

And the conclusion: "For anyone who wants to make a final upgrade to their State of the Art system, or to all those who own a SRL V8 MK2, MK3 or MK4, listen to my advice which I give for free: Listen to your Reference Magic Scope system. The best cost-performance cable we have ever tested in the magazine's 23 years! Do I have to add anything else? "


Although the level of this cable line is far above most audio systems commonly found, its benefits can be easily realized in systems well below them. This occurs due to its velocity characteristics and exceptionally correct transients, coupled with timbre that justifies the name Quintessence.

With this product line, the application of Magic Scope concepts and technology can be implemented as close to the ideal as possible, resulting in products that qualify to carry the most refined audio signals among equipment placed at the top of the "State of Art".

The basic principle for achieving such high performance is to use two or more conductors in magneto-restrictive armature in a reverse arrangement, minimizing the capacitive, inductive and resistive effects of each conductor. The material of the conductors is exclusively high purity copper. Retractable finish and flexible nylon cover.

The magazine Audio and Video Magazine wrote: "I did not even remember the surprise of knowing the Reference Magic Scope and the Sunrise Lab presents us with a new crop still above the already impressive Reference series! With this jump, Sunrise credits to a place not only in the domestic market."

And the conclusion: "Just like Audiopax, from the dear and dear friend Eduardo de Lima, who put us on the world map of the hi-end market, Sunrise Lab is ready to go the same way and aim for the same success! I hope to be around to see this happen!"

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