SRL Phono Stage MK2

SRL Phono Stage MK2 front view SRL Phono Stage MK2 rear view


The SRL Phono Stage MK2 is based on a dual-stage circuit gain with a standard, passive RIAA equalization. Uses modern, low-noise, operational audio amplifiers. Allows the use of MM, Moving Magnet or MC, Moving Coil elements.

Power Supplies:

Its six independent power supplies use Schottky rectifiers, with independent power and current sources for each loop without stabilization feedback. The total capacitance of the power supply is 11,200 uF.


The SRL Phono Stage MK2 is focused on a minimalist and functional design. The panel is made of anodized aluminum or acrylic - and the chassis in carbon steel, where it is applied thick layer of electrostatic paint in black matte. Internally several elements are used to prevent the formation of hysteresis loops on the chassis.

The transformer, manufactured under strict specification, uses plate type G.O. (grain oriented), electrostatic / electromagnetic shielding and separate secondaries to the audio and service power supplies (timing, relays and lamps).

The unit is available in three versions: RCA, XLR, and XLR Premium.


    RCA Terminals:

  • Gold-plated (2 sets; audio input and output)

    XLR Terminals:

  • Gold-plated Neutrik type (1 set in XLR / SE version)


  • Gold-plated grounding tip

    Power Feed:

  • IEC socket with conjugated fuse box

    Input Impedance:

  • Adjustable from 47 KΩ to 27 Ω

    Input Capacitance:

  • Adjustable from 0 to 367 pF

    Frequency Response:

  • 20Hz to 20kHz +/- 0.15dB


  • 43.2 dB (MM) or 60.1 dB (MC)


  • < 0.01% (20-20 kHz)

    Noise Level:

  • < -100dB re @ 2V out
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