A Short Tale

Ulisses Faggi is a mechanical engineer and dedicated to audio since 1975.

The Sunrise Lab was founded in 1996 and formalized in early 2002. The first product, released in same year, was the Flatpower power cord; adding sales of all versions of this cable have been manufactured more than 1 Km.

In 2006 the first electronic product was presented to the public in the Hi-End Show event, the integrated amplifier Musicbox. This unit evolved and went through several iterations until the seventh version (V7).

At the launch of the eighth in 2011 (V8), a major change occurred causing the project renaming the product simply for "V8", with the adoption of the Panel and the logo of the powerful car engines of the same name, forming an "eight" using the combination of the VU meter and the volume control aligned vertically on a triangular metal parts in "V".

Sunrise Lab: The continual endeavour for excellence in audio.

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