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The Magic Scope ® Technology developed by Sunrise Lab is a system that aims to reduce and control stationary waves that travel on a cable when charged. These waves prevent the signal from being transmitted with perfect integrity. The more complex geometries and the use of exotic materials are usually used by well known brands at a cost. The Sunrise Lab solution is designed to deliver exceptional cost / benefit. With the Quintessence line, the system reaches a higher level of implementation. Made possible by the most sophisticated materials used and by the improvement of the technique, it was possible to obtain as a result of a commitment of the highest sound standard. This technology consists of two conductor (positive and negative) OFC multi-stranded copper distributed concentrically with independent conductors.
The phono preamplifier serves to amplify the audio signal coming from the turntable magnetic capsule, resulting with the delivery of the correct signal to the amplifier of the sound system. All phono presets are calibrated with the RIAA curve standard. The capsules can be a Moving Magnet (MM) type that has output of 3 to 6 mV; or Moving Coil (MC) which are divided into two classes: MC output low, less than 1.0mV. And high output that goes up to 1.5mV. What the phono preamplifier does is adjust the capacitance and capacitances of the capsules to deliver the best signal from the grooves to the main amplifier.
As of 1955, the sound recordings were equalized according to the RIAA curve, which causes bass below 500 Hz to be attenuated and treble sounds above 2,120 Hz to be increased. The process was made to facilitate and standardize large-scale recordings, allowing all manufacturers to use the same equalization pattern for recording vinyl records. In a preamplifier, the inverse of the RIAA curve is applied: It further amplifies the bass sounds and attenuates the high sounds, in order to cancel the equalization made when the disc was recorded. So the sound reproduction will come out correct, ie with the bass and treble at their correct levels.
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