The Company

Passion for Audio

The company is the brainchild implemented by Ulysses Faggi, a mechanical engineer with experience in the automotive industry dedicated to audio since 1975. During this period, Ulisses learned to appreciate the beauty of precision machining, industrial finishing and functional design.

As music has been part of the daily routine in the family life for generations, at an early age he started the first steps towards high fidelity audio. With the passing of time, as he learned more about the intricacies of audio systems in relation to live music, high-end audio was a natural progression leading to audiophile level.

The Sunrise Laboratory is the sublimation of the life experience of this professional: The combination of the finest materials coupled with a unique circuit design that is able to reproduce audio as close to reality as possible.

Founded in 1996 and formalized at the beginning of 2002, the first successful product was the Flatpower power cord; adding sales of all versions of this cable, more than one kilometre was manufactured.

This is Your Sound

At the beginning, Sunrise Lab specialized in customization of sound equipment to get a performance beyond what was originally designed. In this process, the technique employed has always focused on finding the "weak links" of each component eliminating them in the best possible way.

Performing this activity for years allowed us to accumulate the knowledge that culminated in the beginning of the work that would lead to the production of a line of products with its own identity, Sunrise Lab. Initially with limited technical resources, the option was for products that were more affordable. They aimed to demonstrate that quality and high resolution did not necessarily mean a high cost. The intention was to meet a demand for extremely efficient products in cost and benefit. This experience helped to solidify the name of the company; our proposal has met the needs of the market.

The concepts are always guided by the latest technological discoveries. The tuning and settings are implemented with the use of reference systems and the collaboration of enthusiasts and professionals of audiophile with exceptional perception, always considering the music as it is: enthralling and engaging.

Sunrise Lab: Where technique meets art.

The goal of our philosophy is that you, the audiophile, more and more is able to listen to the recordings that have been placed aside for not "playing well" in your system, extracting from these everything that was contained in them - but with great pleasure!

Sunrise Lab: Where technique meets art.

The Technology

The technology involves an objective and subjective approach to the processes of feeding and mechanical and electrical influences, always to achieve the objective presentation of the audio with the maximum level of musicality and realism possible.

The Craftsmanship

Our products are meticulously analyzed and certified for the harmonious integration with the other components of the system. From the workshop to the bolts, every little detail is taken into account during the creation and production of Sunrise Lab products. The end result is products and services that respect and reproduce the music, pleasing in a faithful and natural way.

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